Smart video conferencing
with video recording and transcription.

Experience smart video conferencing

Roundee is a video conferencing service for Slack users with enhanced features such as video recording and transcription. Simply type /roundee to start your video conference right from your Slack channel.

Features highlight


You can easily record and watch your video conference. It will be posted to your Slack channel.


Automatically synchronize text with audio in multiple languages.

Co-edit Minutes

Edit the meeting minutes together during the session.

All Archive

Archive video conference to your Slack channel when video conference ends.


Encrypt both signal and media content.

Invite Guest

Invite any guest who is not using Slack by copying and emailing a link.

Highly Scalable

Collaborate with small and large groups (up to 32 attendees).

Screen Share

Share your screen or a document with other attendees.

Video conference can be easily archived, searched and shared!

Video Recording, meeting minutes and even the full transcription of your video conference are automatically archived to your Slack channel.

Collaborate over your video conference

Share your screen and edit the meeting minutes with other attendees during the Roundee video conference .

Invite any guest by simply sending a link or email

Invite any guest who is not on Slack by emailing a link. Collaborate with small and large groups(up to 32 attendees).

Get Started with Roundee in your Slack team

  1. 1Click the Add to Slack button above to start the setup.
  2. 2Select the team you want to integrate with then click Authorize or Change teams if you need to switch.
  3. 3 Type
    into any channel to create your video conference and invite any guests who aren't in Slack. A link to your conference will be posted to the channel allowing everyone in Slack to join.
  4. 4Enjoy your video conference.
  5. 5Minutes with video recording, transcription and keywords will be posted to the channel when your video conference ends.

Experience smart video conferences on Roundee!


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